Have A Wedding Or Large Party Coming Up?

Then Let Our Michelin-Trained Chef Cater For YOU!!

Hi there, we are True Bakery and we not only have baked breads and pastries, we also serve eloquent fine dining meals at a Michelin Level without the Michlein COST!

Our Catering Menu consists of a wide range of hand-crafted and house-made fare, ranging from fresh-baked sourdough dinner rolls to hand-rolled pasta and freshly made sauces to go with it.

When you let US cook for YOU, you can assure everything will be made from our hands and of the highest quality ingredients;  when we make tomato sauce, we won’t use  tomatoes from a can, we take the time to stew tomatoes low and slow the way it should be!

From house-made mayonnaise and mustard to hand-formed tart shells, we strive to serve YOU the highest possible quality meal at the best possible price!

Feel free to click the button below and access the pdf format of our catering menu and if you have any questions please feel free to reach us at the “contact” button below!

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